Thursday, 4 August 2016

District 21, IOI City Mall Putrajaya

About #District21

I've been to District 21 with my squad #jawavengers . There was some sort of promotion for 4 person (at that time lah), you have to pay for 3 person only and the other one is for free. So yeah at that time Zue was in UK so the four of us #jawavengers went without her. At first kitorang ingat the whole activities/attraction macam challenging, but then it's not really that adrenaline boosting sangat lah. Maybe sebab we didn't manage to try everything dekat situ and also because it has to suits the kids as well.

Out of all the activities, I would say paling best sekali is the Sky Trail (beratur lama woo tunggu turn). Then ada this trampoline thingy yang kitorang spend most of our time main sebab dia mudah and boleh golek-golek. The area are mostly untuk the maze activity. Pusing punya pusing punya pusing, tak keluar juga dari maze ni. We manage to record the whole activity tho.

Now, picture time!

The view of District 21 from Sky Trail platform

Yup, that's us waiting for our turn.

Tubby Ride. (best main tapi malas nak tarik tube bawa naik)

4/5 of #jawavengers

Park Attractions :
Mon - Fri      12:00pm → 08:00pm  (rm58.00/pax)
Sat/ Sun/ PH/ SH      10:00am → 08:00pm (rm75.00/pax)
Ticketing & Customer Service Counter:
10:00am → 10:00pm
Level 2 Amusement:
10:00am → 10:00pm (rm10.00/pax)

Been there. Done that.

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