Friday, 17 February 2017

Penang 2 days 1 night trip

About #Pulau Pinang

I travel to Penang with #Jawavengers for the food (and the view of course). We have planned everything a week before to make sure the whole trip went well. A day prior, we gathered at Reen's house and planned the whole destinations and budget. It's just a two days and a night trip so, it didn't cost much. The costs include the bus and flight tickets, foods, entry fees at some of the destination and the hotel and car rent. When we arrived at Penang it was already late noon and we directly get the car and drove to the hotel. 

The food in Penang were SUPERB! Everything was nice. As planned, we tried the famous pasembor at Persiaran Gurney, Nasi Kandar Deen, Kapitan's Chicken Milani, Cendol at a stall close by P.Ramlee's house and Nasi 7 Benua. 

Then, for outdoor activity we went for a walk at Penang Hill to grasp a view of the Penang scenery. We were lucky as at that time the Penang Hill's train tickets were cheap as there were some sort of discount. As expected, we toured all around the area for pictures and of course we took one at the love lock platform. We also visited the War Museum before went to the airport. 

Well the museum was scary, it feels like its haunted and the mannequin looks as if they alive. I wouldn't dare visiting that place at night. But there are other places which are best visited at night; the Straits Quay and Batu Ferringhi Night Market. Straits Quay night view was majestic while the night market was a long walk from end to end.

Now, pictures time!

Been there. Done that.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

District 21, IOI City Mall Putrajaya

About #District21

I've been to District 21 with my squad #jawavengers . There was some sort of promotion for 4 person (at that time lah), you have to pay for 3 person only and the other one is for free. So yeah at that time Zue was in UK so the four of us #jawavengers went without her. At first kitorang ingat the whole activities/attraction macam challenging, but then it's not really that adrenaline boosting sangat lah. Maybe sebab we didn't manage to try everything dekat situ and also because it has to suits the kids as well.

Out of all the activities, I would say paling best sekali is the Sky Trail (beratur lama woo tunggu turn). Then ada this trampoline thingy yang kitorang spend most of our time main sebab dia mudah and boleh golek-golek. The area are mostly untuk the maze activity. Pusing punya pusing punya pusing, tak keluar juga dari maze ni. We manage to record the whole activity tho.

Now, picture time!

The view of District 21 from Sky Trail platform

Yup, that's us waiting for our turn.

Tubby Ride. (best main tapi malas nak tarik tube bawa naik)

4/5 of #jawavengers

Park Attractions :
Mon - Fri      12:00pm → 08:00pm  (rm58.00/pax)
Sat/ Sun/ PH/ SH      10:00am → 08:00pm (rm75.00/pax)
Ticketing & Customer Service Counter:
10:00am → 10:00pm
Level 2 Amusement:
10:00am → 10:00pm (rm10.00/pax)

Been there. Done that.

Kota Bharu, Kelantan

About #Kota Bharu Kelantan

I travel to Kelantan for the food (and the view of course). At first cuma nak rasa Roti Paye and Maggi Ketam, but then terasa nak try other food. Most of the food were suggested by a friend of mine living in Kelantan, while others was contribution of Mr.Google.So, it goes.

Roti Paye (Tempayan)

Laksam Kelantan

Homemade Nasi Kerabu

Kuetiaw Kung fu Wachaaa!!

Maggi Ketam

Authentic drink from Kelantan at Pasar Siti Khadijah
Nasi Dagang for breakfast

ABC Special Pantai Cahaya Bulan

Ais Krim Buluh Pantai Cahaya Bulan

ni menara tepi sungai dekat pekan Kota Bharu


Bazar Tok Guru

Now this is Pantai Cahaya Bulan

Pretty isn't it?

Been there. Done that

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Sekeping Serendah

About #sekepingserendah 

1. Jalan nak masuk berbatu tajam dan ada yang berlopak, so drive dengan kereta yang condition tayar dia okay. And ya, tempat ni dekat dengan pusat serenti, kalau dalam perjalanan jumpa pusat tu means laluan tu dah betul lah tu. Sign board dia tertulis atas batu laa, celah2 ruang laa. So, kena perhati betul2 signboard.

2. The sheds tersangatlah terbuka(especially glass shed). Tersangatlah close to nature. But jangan bimbang sebab every shed located jauh antara satu sama lain so, masih ada privacy. 

3. For girls, I suggest you to stay at the Timber Shed 1. Sebab lebih banyak dinding(yg diyakini/bukan glass) and sebab dia located dekat dengan rumah penjaga. 

4. Bilik air dia 'open' ye kawan2, tempat mandi dan membuang dalam satu bilik air yg besar. Lepas tu hanya ada dinding, siling takde(berbumbungkan awan dan pokok). And untuk penggunaan tandas, sila biasakan diri beristinjak dgn tisu. 

5. Anjing ada di mana2 saja. Tapi macam chipsmore, kejap ada kejap takde. And rules kalau bertembung anjing; jangan lari. 

6. Ada 2 infinity pool tapi kalau nak ke pool kena jalan sikit ke dalam hutan. Pool jauh sikit dari sheds tapi safe je. Sepanjang dekat sana, kitorang je yang main kat pool, da macam private pool kitorang je.

7. Dapur dia cenggini haa. Best. Bahan masak2 sendiri bawak, alatan je dia bagi (including for bbq). Oven, kettle dgn fridge provided. 

8. Laluan dari satu tempat ke tempat lain sangatlah kecil dan curam. Jalan pejalan kaki dibuat dari simen tapi dah ada lumut2 sikit so agak licin. 

9. Katil dia comfy and ada kelambu ala2 princesses yang lawa(every girls dream). Perabot dia modern semuanya, but (Timber shed 2) is actually rumah kayu lama. So, it is classic with a touch of modern designs.

10. Price dia vary ikut hari dan jenis shed. Ada macam2 jenis shed, daripada untuk 2-15orang. Book awal sebab, sekarang ramai yang dah tau kewujudannya and ramai yg nak ke sana. Takut tak sempat book je. 

The rates for the chalet yang kami booked. The Timber Shed 1.

Friday & SundayRM680
Extra bedNot allowed

Been there. Done that.